A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This game was created for the GMTK's Game Jam 2018.

The theme was "GENRE, but you can't MECHANIC". I started from the idea of a maze with no exit and then tried to find interesting other mechanics that still give an interest to explore the maze and a way to "get out" from the maze without going through an exit.   

Controls :

  •  use the arrows to move /choose an option in the journal mode
  • use SPACE to interact /select an option in the journal mode
  • use ESC to quit

How to play:

 Explore the maze and interact with what you find. When you are blocked, you can interact with your dream journal to unblock the situation. You can erase the last sentences to go back in the past. As the maze is randomly generated, it can help you to find an other way. Once you find some words, you can also use them to rewrite and  modify your past action or the description of the maze. The 'rewrite' option will be proposed when you try to erase a sentence that contains a part that an be rewrite. So you need to erase all the sentences after the part you want to rewrite before rewriting it. As the maze is randomly generated and the words that you have found are conserved, you can freely erase everything to restart from the beginning without loosing progression.

This game was made using:

Install instructions

Unzip the archive and execute the file "launch.jar". You need to have Java (1.8) installed.


AliceAndTheDeadEndMaze.zip 37 MB

Development log


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This game is so weird and confusing and I love it.