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A First Person Rogue Like with graphics only made with ASCII characters and randomly generated dungeons.

How to play :

  • Create your characters and explore the dungeon.
  • Kill monster and search their corpses to get silver keys and golden keys.
  • Silver keys can open the chests that contains weapons and armors that you can use
  • Golden keys can open the doors to go to the next level where new kind of monsters are waiting for you.
  • There is no save, you lost you character when he die but you can throw items through the window to be able to use them with your next character after dying.
  • You can eat monsters meat to restore some life but there is a risk to be sick and to lost more life.
  • You can make some arrows with the monsters bones for your bow.

Controls :

  • WASD/Arrows to move
  • CTRL to crouch/be more discrete
  • Space to attack
  • E to interact (open chests, doors, windows or corpses)
  • ESC to show the main menu where you have access to your characteristics, you inventory and a map showing the part of dungeon that you have explored


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Termina (linux) 27 MB
Termina (windows) 17 MB


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love the assci aestetic


mama im scared


Really cool take on the genre. It took me a bit before I realized I could loot corpses so maybe that prompt needed to be more eye catching or maybe I'm just blind =P

I never did figure out what throwing things through "windows" did.